AliTeacher Training for me is about possibility – learning to challenge yourself and go past your limits in all areas of your life, not just on your mat.  It’s about learning to show up for yourself so you can really be  there for others.  It’s about learning to drop whatever is in the way and keeps you from sharing yourself authentically.

ChristieYTT has re-sparked the light inside of me that seemed to be buried under the clutter, craziness and hustle and Bustle of life.

I feel inspired again. I’m not sure where this journey is going to take me, if I’ll teach or not…, however I do know this an important part in finding my TRUE SELF and TRUE JOURNEY, so I’m keeping my eyes WIDE open because I don’t want to miss a thing!

GabbyYTT has empowered me. Yoga has taught me more about myself than any other experience or moments in my life. Yoga has shown me a glimpse of the light inside me and YTT is helping me reveal that light so I can share it with the world!

KylieI have learned so much through self discovery and the asana practice itself about flexibility, strength, and balance. I recently learned in my practice that I often sink into my flexibility in poses to avoid using my full strength. Just as yoga is a metaphor for life, I realized off the mat, I often sink into my flexibility and avoid being strong for myself. Through teacher training I lam earning how to cultivate my best self that is strong, flexible, and balanced. That was my goal going in, on a physical level, but now it has expanded into every aspect of my life. Because life is yoga, and yoga is life.

Nick-2The experience so far has been nothing short of life changing. The biggest thing I have gotten out of this is working on myself. The tools I have received are of the utmost importance and highest caliber. I feel that throughout this journey, I have learned undeniable truths about myself and my life that I am able to utilize. Whether or not I decide to teach yoga after this program, this has been one of the biggest life schools I have ever attended and will ever attend.

CarolineOne of the biggest things for me is how yoga helped me OFF the mat. My band, my music and my creativity means everything to me. Yoga has helped me realize what it is I’m truly passionate about and to go after the things I want, no excuses. If you can you must, when you want to run, stay, and most importantly always be a YES!!

VanessaTeacher Training has been transformational for me in so many ways. I also learned that being a yoga teacher extends beyond the mat. It’s a way of life, it’s a way of being and a great responsibility. This training has also taught me to “follow my bliss”. Bliss is not found in fancy business titles, serving your ego or six figure incomes. Bliss is found in doing what you love and being with those that love and support you in being your best self. If you can create that in your life, that is what is truly important, that is pure bliss.

Finally, I’ve learned what a yoga practice really is. It’s life. Each day we live is a practice. Some days are more challenging than others, some are messy, some are radiant, but all have lessons and nuggets of wisdom to teach us, just like we find on our mats. There is no dividing line of distinction between my mat and my life. They are one, they mirror each other. How you do anything, is how you do everything. I want to do everything with immense gratitude, passion, and openness. This training, Leanne & Linda, and each one of you has taught me that.