Teach Yoga Online FAQs

I love yoga but I’m new to the practice. Can I still do teacher training?

Yes! Its not about length of practice – we are more interested in the depth of your commitment to your yoga practice and your dedication to personal growth. Show up willing to do the work and you will shine.


Do I need a computer?

Yep. And a way to record your teaching:  a smart phone with a headset microphone or any device that can upload audio and video.


What happens if I fall behind on the work?

Teach Yoga Online was designed to happen in your own space at your own pace. As you complete each week’s work you will be granted access to the next week. If life happens (and it will – that’s why we do this!)  you can make up the work on your timeline.
The program is designed in 4 Units – each containing 8 distinct modules – one Module per week each Unit. If you follow along you will be ready for Immersion and certification by Module 5 – about eight months after you begin. If you fall behind you can join us at the next Immersion.

Is there homework?

Yes! Each week’s module includes Transformation – a ‘dig deep’ offering that helps you process what you’re learning and prepare for the upcoming module. Transformation work consists of reading, journaling questions, worksheets, tribe check in, practice teaching/assisting and of course your own yoga practice.


Is there a test?

Yes.;) And No. At the end of each unit you will be asked, on the honor system, to confirm completion of your work.
You will also be asked to teach and record the sequence focus and submit for feedback.
At Unit V – Immersion you will have the opportunity to teach your tribe and get ‘in the moment’ actionable feedback – sort of like a test – but more fun and much more useful!


What payment plans are available?

We have a few payment plans to choose from.
Units 1-5 can be purchased individually as you are ready one Unit at a time.
You can pay for all five units – Units 1-4 (Online) and Unit 5* (On site Immersion) – in a bundle for a 10% discount.
Unit 5 – Immersion (required for certification and registration with Yoga Alliance) – will take place in Mexico, the Bahamas, Nashville, or other locations throughout the US. Payment for Unit 5 does not include airfare or accommodations. Those charges are separate, specific to your location choice and due in full when Unit 4 begins.

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Wait. I get Teacher Training AND a trip to the beach all for less than the cost of a regular in person 200 hour training?

Yes. Consider it good karma. Teach Yoga Online is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance registered school. We fulfill the core curriculum online and fulfill the lead teacher contact hours in person at Immersion. How cool is that? And because we are committed to this training and the success of our graduates we ask that you Show Up – Ready to Do The Work!


How much time will I spend each week on the training?

Teacher training is a big time commitment. The content is delivered in weekly modules. Including your yoga practice (and we hope that’s somewhere between daily and 3 times per week) expect to spend at least 6-8 hours a week on the content, reading, participation and journaling prompts.


Do I have to share?

Whenever we get this question our first response is – Why would you not share? Teaching yoga is about being the light. in fact the word Namaste means – the light in me sees the light in you. A great teacher shares from love and authenticity. If your light scares you – well, get into inquiry about that! and get back with us. In the meantime we want to hear your voice and know your thoughts. We commit to making this program a safe-space. The tribe will be here to support and encourage you to shine – however feels right for you.


When do I get access to the training?

After you complete your application, you will have an interview with one of our staff to ensure this program is a good fit and to answer any questions you may have. Upon acceptance to the program, you will receive a link to make your payment and receive access to the pre- training program. Your course work will open on the designated start date for your Tribe group.


What is the deadline to apply?

Fifteen (15) days prior to the start date of a Unit. We recommend applying at least 30 days in advance for Module I, to provide ample time to complete the pre-training materials.
You must register for Immersion before Unit IV begins.


When I complete Unit V, am I certified to teach?

Yes. In order to receive the certificate, 100% participation and attendance is required- both in online coursework and Immersion. Teach Yoga Online is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour yoga school. If you wish to be registered by Yoga Alliance, you can submit your certificate and the Yoga Alliance fees to complete the registration process.

What is the cancellation policy?

Refund requests will only be considered up to 30 days prior to the start of the Unit less a 20% processing fee. Once course work has begun there is no refund for the Unit.

Is this really worth it?

Our guiding mantra is Tradition Tribe Transformation. You will learn yoga. You will learn to teach Yoga. You will connect with your yoga tribe. And you will meet the very best version of yourself. Worth it? You bet.