Just like your yoga practice, the strength and advantage of the TYO Training System is flexibility. You can buy the complete the 200-hour training at your own pace. The first four units are $399 each, and the fifth unit – known as Immersion is $599. Should you decide to purchase all 5 modules at once, TYO offers a 10% discount.

The online program consists of 4 Units – each delivered in 8 weekly modules. Students may follow along with the weekly course work, assignments and office hours and complete Units 1-4 in approximately 32 weeks. Then students will complete the training with Unit 5 onsite at the 5 day Immersion.

But we also know life happens, so there is always the option work at your own pace and join us when you are ready at the next Immersion. Office hours will be recorded and the Teacher’s Tribe is always here for you.

Unit I - Earth

Explore the foundations of yoga
  • Yoga History and Philosophy
  • Yoga Ethics and Eight Limbs
  • Pranayama
  • Surya Namaskar A &B
  • True North, Tadasana and Standing Postures
  • Anatomy Basics

Unit II - Water

Discover what makes your practice & teaching flow
  • Forward Folds and Sitting Postures
  • Sanskrit introduction
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Alignment
  • The Yoga Sutras

Unit III - Fire

Explore how to ignite your teaching
  • Twists and Backbends
  • Asana
  • Arc of a class
  • Assisting
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Bhandas and Dristhi

Unit IV - Air

Learn how to create space in your practice & teaching
  • Arm balances and Inversions Yoga Wellness Seva Chakras The Business of Yoga Ethics

Unit V - Immersion

Dive deep into your teaching
  • Development of the Teacher
  • Finding your voice
  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Practice Teaching
  • Trusting your Tribe

Live Inspired!

Purchase all classes together & save 10% on your total.

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